Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer fun, running shoes, and pool etiquette

Well I have had a packed few days! Saturday I went to the pool and the park, love it. Sunday was full of studying and laundry. Monday I had a test and today I worked. So that's why I have not had a chance to post! My lovely sister has made up for my absence though. Is it not beautiful where she goes in NC? JEALOUS!

I also went shoe shopping. Not really fun shoe shopping. I have been shopping for a new pair of running shoes. Apparently there is a science to choosing the correct shoe. Who knew. Puma's are great for flexibility when I run, but the toe area is not big enough so I get gigantor blisters on my pinky toes. I am also losing two toe nails right now because of them. Sooo I bought a Nike shoe. These shoes are great for toe comfort but are not flexible enough so after I run I get crazy foot cramps the next day and can barely walk.

So now what? Well I went to dick's and the nice shoe guy explained running shoe science to me. First you must have a thumb nails worth of space between your big toe and the top of the shoe. Why you ask? Well your feet apparently swell when you run, hence why I am losing two toe nails right now and am forced to wear winter color toe nail polish. Yes this is a catastrophe. Second, shoes have to be bendable when you try to bend them in half. Otherwise your foot will cramp. Third they have to be light weight. Then once you get a shoe that meets all of these requirements you have to choose whether you want a traditional running shoe or something similar to barefoot running. I LOVED the barefoot shoes. O my. They bent in half and were light as air. However, nice shoe guy said you either love them or hate them, and for 90 dollars I did not want to take my chances. So I ended up with Mizuno's which I am not quite fond of looks wise and which definitely left a hole in my credit card. So I am hoping that these work because now I am $150 in the hole in regards to footwear.

While I was writing this lil sis rang in and suggested I discuss pool etiquette. Yes pool etiquette. We do not have the luxury of having our own pool but luckily we have a neighborhood pool. Usually our pool is pretty empty. It's not very big anyway. Well today not so much. Full of I'd say 13 year old boys who decided to post up on opposite ends of the pool and throw balls at each other. Meanwhile I am in the danger zone, almost being hit a few times by the balls and being periodically splashed. Rude. If that wasn't enough they were hogging the entire pool so it was impossible for anyone to get in and it is 94 degrees today! So I was forced to leave and I am hoping that tomorrow there will be no such shenanigans because I lack patience with rude people, just ask M about the HP midnight showing incident, I may have lost my temper just a little bit. So for the safety of these prepubesent males, I hope they do not show up at the pool tomorrow.

Anyway, not to dampen the mood. I had a lovely weekend and rocked my test on monday. I am psyched for the pool tomorrow and some more summer fun!

I hope everyone else is enjoying the weather!


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