Thursday, June 16, 2011

Goddess of the Sea

Goddess of the Sea by P.C. Cast was good. Not as good as Goddess of Spring. I just think Hades sounds way hotter than a merman. Maybe that's just my evil side showing itself.

I have had to reign in my temper a few times today, ex-boyfriends, need I say more?

Anyway, Goddess of Sea was about a US Air Force sargent who felt as if she had never really found home. Until her soul was exchanged with Princess Undine, a mermaid who forever longed to live on land. That's all I'll say, you'll have to read what happens. Of course hot steamy romance, not quite as exciting as Hades, but close.

On to the next book!

Today was a lovely day, spent mostly outside and at the park, I guess I may just have to work tomorrow huh?

Lyddy just cut my hair yesterday and she did a wonderful job. I have a reputation for hating haircuts. Ever since some hairdresser butched me some bangs in kindergarten I could never look at any hairdressers the same since (I tend to hold grudges, can you tell?). I get my hair cut about once a year and hate it every time. And I only get a trim, nothing even fancy. So anyway I finally asked lil sis if she would cut it. I trust her way more than I trust those hairdressers that charge me 30 dollars for a trim.

The one and only time I got my makeup done was for senior prom, where I proceeded to tell the bobbi brown makeup person how I wanted my makeup and still proceeded to take it off when I got home. I am also impossible to choose gifts for. I don't know what it is about me, it just makes me feel sorry for everyone on my bday because I love surprises but it is close to impossible to pick anything out for me. Sheesh I am difficult huh? At least I am the all time best gift giver, maybe that redeems me a little.

However lil sis never fails. She is the only one I trust with these things. Did I mention she is amazing at doing makeup? We were the ultimate duo at dances because I was always good at doing hair and she at makeup.

Love you lil sis!

Ta ta for now,


PS: After reading M's "Free Bird.." I must share my little awkward moment. Especially considering it's Sydney's awkward and awesome thursday. So I have been walking in my favorite park about everyday lately. It has a paved sidewalk around the whole park that in total is about a mile long. Well I go round and around this circle on my walks. However there are others that are doing this as well. So I keep passing them, again and again and again. What's the proper etiquette here? I at least make the effort every time and smile after the initial first pass hello. Of course when prompting my lil sis, what does she say? "O I would just ignore them, f that." Precisely my friends. Thank you lil sis for that piece of friendly advice ;)

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