Friday, June 24, 2011


I have gathered yet another Etsy want list:

Pinch of Salt
Beetle Bug
Wall Decal
Cute Print
Another Cute Print
Summer Scarf
Whale Cup

Goddess of Love by P.C. Cast was good of course. It involved two immortals this time, the god of fire and the goddess of love. This one had some funny parts in it which was surprising because I can't say that any of the others did. I suggested it to M, one of the main characters has a scotty dog who thinks it's a cat so she calls it scotty cat. Hilarious, I know M will appreciate it. And now that brings me to the end of this series. There is still one more in the series, Warrior Rising, but for some reason they don't have it at my library. Sigh. I don't like to leave anything unfinished.

My best friend has always made fun of me for many things but one of them in particular is my outfit planning. Yes, outfit planning. And while my sister and Mad would surely be rolling their eyes right now, I simply cannot help myself. I hate to be unprepared for anything, for some reason especially my attire. So there may be an event coming up that I may just need to plan my attire for (stop rolling your eyes M). I now feel inclined to start my quest for some new flattering outfits. I am finding it difficult lately to find anything that is really flattering. I need something that will make my legs look longer and take attention away from my thighs. The only things I can think of are heels and high waisted pencil skirts. And the hunt begins.


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