Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Products

As my sister already shared, she is a recovering shop-a-holic.  While I don't share her clothing obsession, I have one of my own.  Beauty products people, it is a situation.  I am obsessed with product.  As we speak, I have two totes in my bathroom closet, one for face product, the other for hair product.  I just want to try it all.  In my shower, I have bar soap, body wash, 3 different shampoos, 3 different conditioners, and 2 types of face wash.

When I still lived with my parents, Cat (our mom) used to threaten me on a daily basis that if I didn't throw out some of my product that was slowly but surely taking over the bathroom, then she would just get rid of it all.

To make matters worse, I am a hoarder in the making.  I know I already clued you guys in on my decision making problem.  The decision of whether or not to keep something or throw it out is the absolute hardest for me. (I tell myself that if I throw something out there will come a time when I need it, then I will hate myself because I threw it out.)

Anywho, I digress.  What I wanted to share with you guys were some of my favorite products I'm using this summer.
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First up, morrocan oil.  I have wavy, semi-frizzy hair that can look great when it air dries but only with the right product.  This stuff is so light weight and absorbs like a dream without making my hair look greasy at all.  I just towel dry my hair and scrunch into the bottom hair of my hair and let it dry.  Once my hair is dry I'll give it a once over with my curling iron to fix any curls that need it.  Another benefit, it smells great!
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Moving right along I give you my sunless tanning lotion, Coppertone Summer Color.  This looks very natural while giving fast results.  You can notice a nice glow within the first few uses.  I put it on a few times a week after I shower.  It doesn't come off on my clothes like some other products and while it does have a scent it is not that strong.
I will be the first to admit, I am not a fan of sunblock.  It is greasy and I don't like the way it smells.  However, this summer I bought Coppertone oil free and fragrance free sunblock spf 15.  It is not greasy and doesn't make my face break out.  It is not 100% fragance free--I still get a little of the sunblock smell--but you really have to be sniffin' for it.
In the summer, I like a lighter, brighter makeup look.  So this summer I decided to try N.Y.C. white eyeliner on the bottom inner rims of my eye (not sure if rims is the right word but it's all I can come up with right now).  So I just draw a soft line and finish it off with mascara on my top lashes and it brightens your eyes a bit without being too "Hey, I'm wearing white eyeliner".  

So there you have it, some of my fave( not to mention inexpensive...working with a college students budget here people) summer products!


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