Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On the Hand Made Horizon...

Once I am out living on my own I would love to be hands on. By this I mean grow my own food and if not buy it at the farmers market. Bake my own bread, make my own pasta, can, etc. I find it amazing when people completely support themselves living off of their own land. I care so much for the environment and I would really feel like I was doing my part to live more environmentally friendly.

It is so satisfying to eat something you made yourself or to wear something you made. There are a few things that top my hand made list that I have been dying to do for ages.

1. Make my own bread

2. Make my own pasta

3. Make a quilt (no picture because I have difficulty finding any that I really love, I think I would just figure out the basics of quilting and go from there)

4. Learn to can

5. Make homemade soap. Specifically cold process soaps.

If you'll notice I have created a link to sites or videos with info on how to make these handmade goodies.

Book Worm Update:
I have finished The Witch's Daughter by Paula Brackston. It was good overall. It lacked the amount of romance I need to keep me interested. It mixed history in with the story which I am not opposed to as long as its not a full on history book (it cannot resemble a textbook in any shape or form). It was a good mix and set itself up for a sequel which I may or may not read. Probably would. I am currently reading a sample of Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley. It's only $3 so I will probably get it. It's good so far. The character is a best selling author who writes books depicting history but makes it more novel like by creating interesting characters etc. In the story she apparently keeps jumping back and forth between history and the present and has a lover in each time period.

It feels like Monday, I'm all screwed up,


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