Sunday, June 26, 2011

some more s'mores

Try saying that five times fast!

So I witnessed something new today. S'mores in the microwave.  This needs to be attempted with caution so that there isn't a gooey explosion in your microwave, but kitty daddy loves them!

You don't get the whole golden brown effect like a campfire will give you but they do get very ooey gooey. Oh and not sure if anyone has tried this, but s'mores with chocolate graham crackers instead of honey are delish!

We woke up a bit late this morning so we only browsed through the farmers market a half hour or so before they closed.  Next time I will get there earlier so things aren't so picked through and now that I know what is there I will know what I want to buy.

I can't wait until I am free of this prison named college and can work full time and makes lots of money (hopefully!) so that I can spend $4 on a dozen eggs and not feel like I am breaking the bank.  I look foward to the day that money isn't constantly in the back of my mind and to where I can buy what I want (within reason, I think I will always be on the frugal side) and not worry about it.

Sigh, one day...


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