Saturday, June 25, 2011

Exercise and Awkwardness

Well I did follow through with getting some workout equipment. I went to the second hand store and got some 12 LBS dumbbells and a weighted jump rope. We'll see how it goes.
(No joke this is the bodyrock lady. Doesn't she just make you want to workout?)

I thought I would do a follow up on BodyRock.TV. I really like it and all but the workouts kill me. I feel like I tore something days after these workouts. So it makes me wonder if the workouts are really safe for your body or not. Everyone has different opinions it seems about what is the "correct" workout, but after the way I felt after one of those was horrible. However, I am learning lots of different exercises so I would recommend it. I also downloaded an interval timer app on my iPhone which comes in handy.
(Can you imagine if I got my paws on one of these bad boys. It would be all over.)

By the way I went to the store last night and DIDN'T GET PEANUT M&M'S! Are you proud of my will power? I was. I walked out with only 2 ginorm boxes of feminine hygiene products. And guess what the fing cashier laughed! I looked around like, is this lady serious? I mean does she laugh at the people that walk up with hemorrhoid cream? I would hope not. But still she thinks it's okay to laugh at the tampon girl. Whatever cashier lady.
(Now go google awkward and look at the images. Hilarious)

Don't you hate those awkward people? The people that no matter what you do they make the situation awkward? I like to pride myself in saying I am not an awkward person. At least I try not to be. I always find something to say when there is an awkward person or awkward moment. But some people you just can't fix.

For instance the guy at the secondhand sports store today. Awkward. "Can I help you find anything?" R: "This is what I was looking for." Guy: "Resistance bands?" R: (I was clearly standing there with a jumprope but felt weird because I could already sense his awkwardness so chose not to say anything hoping he would figure out it was a jumprope) Guy: "Well what you need is this (hands me a resistance band and takes my jumprope out of my hand)." R: "No. This is what I need, I want a jumprope." (I take back jumprope) Guy: "O, I thought you said you wanted resistance bands." Says this kind of shitty like I was the one making him look stupid. Sorry bud, you did that all on your own. So he just stands there and stares at me. R: "Sooo I guess this is the one I'll get." Guy: "Ok. I don't know how much it is but I'll go check the price." Then proceeds to scurry off. Guy: Comes back. "We can give it to you for $4." R: "Ok thanks." Then he proceeds to stand there and stare AGAIN. "Ok thanks!!" Again. Now shoo weird guy, he finally shooed.

Of course until checkout. I walk up to the closest counter. Helper guy comes flying out of NOWHERE and says "I can help you over here!" R: Ok dude chillax, I know you don't get commission. "Ok." "Does T-- W------- still work here?" Guy: Blank stare for a while then procceeds to say in a shitty voice, "No. He hasn't worked here for about 4 years." R: WTF is up with this clown. "O. I guess it's been that long since I have been here."

Get me out! Eventually I did. With not offer of assistance to my car even though I had 12 LBS weights and another box and they had about 20 people working and I was the only person in there. Thanks guy, you're a peach.


PS: What I am loving today =

Raw almonds

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