Thursday, June 2, 2011


(Not me but I thought it depicted my night well)

It's already thursday so I will once again show what I have come across on etsy.

Book Worm Update:
I did buy Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley. It was VERY good. And only three dollars! I say was because I read it through the night last night. Not by choice but I couldn't sleep so there you have it. I would highly recommend it. Now to find my next book... This time I think I'll wait and get one at the library.

So to say the least I am tired and wish I had more to say. But my etsy finds are sure to keep you entertained. Without further adieu...

Heart Ring
Tank Top
Love Yourself Tank Top
Heart Monogram Necklace
Tub Caddy
White Rose Ring
Bamboo Soap
Three Soaps


I did decide to go to the library, hopefully this will keep me entertained for a while so I don't have to drive to the library again and waste my precious gas!

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