Sunday, June 19, 2011

The wonders of Kindle

You will understand after I explain my discovery (considering this is post numero tres tonight).

Now we know how much I love my kindle ebooks. Although I don't own an actual kindle, I have the PC and iPhone app's. However, there are a few things I dislike about the kindle phenomenon.

1. It gets expensive.

Even though it is cheaper than buying the actual book, but not as cheap as the library!

2. You can't share.

Now I have always been the better sharer of the 3 (meaning of M, J, and I), or shall I say only sharer of the 3. For example, M will come to school with a bag of say starbursts. She will not eat these said starbursts in class for fear that someone may god forbid ASK for one. So she waits to eat them in private because she doesn't want to share. J will also refuse to share anything of his until he is somehow guilt tripped into sharing. For instance. Ahem. R:"J can I have a fry?" J:"Psht No!" R:"Why not?" J:"Because!" R:"Because why!" J:"Because they're my fries, back off!" R:"#1 who bought you those fries #2 I share everything with you!" J:"Fiinnneee" (eye roll while he passes me one limp brown fry, thanks j)

You catch my drift. But I still want to share with lil sis and our Grammie.

Well low and behold Kindle has heard my cries! You can now lend your kindle books to friends via email! Of course there is a catch here. The book has to be allowed to be loaned. Unfortunately none of mine are. Of course. But still the option is there! Go to kindle support on and fill yourself in on the details.

But perhaps the most exciting news is that Kindle has teamed up with libraries and will soon be offering library lending! There are about 11,000 libraries on board that will have kindle ebooks available to check out! O me o my. The libraries will choose how long they loan you the book, just like normal checkout. However, if you choose to later purchase this book then when you purchase the book on amazon it will somehow sync up with your old library versions and transfer any annotations or highlighting you may have done (Does anyone actually do this? Not me I just read the dang thing. Did I just say dang?).


I heart you kindle, you're my homeboy, now I just need one and I'll be all set,


PS: Speaking of starbursts, do you remember this commercial? I think we watched that about a thousand times when it came out. Hilarious. Kitty especially liked it, however she is an 8 year old trapped in a 40 year old body so really it makes perfect sense.

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