Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beauty Blogs

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So I have a few blogs to share with you today.  I know I already shared my little problem with product, so these blogs really aren't going to be a shocker to anyone. 

First off is The Beauty Department.  This is Lauren Conrad's (Laguna Beach and the Hills anyone?) blog along with two other people and it is all about beauty tips and tricks.  As we speak I am rocking a hairstyle (Twister Sister) I found on their blog.  I did not follow the directions very well though so it didn't come out as good as her.

My other new fave is Hair Romance.  This is a lovely blog based out of Australia (and what isn't cool that comes out of Australia, I mean Oprah took an entire favorite things audience there, come on people, it's got the O stamp of approval).  Anywho, it is all about hair.  Hair styles, hair product, hair care, and hair styling tools. One word, awesome. (I have already tried the side reverse braid which I did a little differently. I thought it came out nice, however my significant other said it reminded him a little of Princess Leia, which burst my bubble a bit, but oh well)

Despite my product obsession, I feel like I always look frumpy.  I never really do my hair, my makeup isn't that special, and I struggle with matching my clothes so much that you would think it was against my religion.  To put it simply, my outward appearance does not take priority for me.  However, since I am a constant contradiction, I am super envious of those girls that traipse around all put together and cute-like, they just give us frumpsters a bad name. While my big sis isn't a traipser, she is always put together and polished. an effort to be a big kid, look polished, and just give off the idea that I at least considered my appearance before I walked out the door, I have been all about these beauty blogs.  Thanks to these ladies, I have been trying new hairstyles and becoming more adventurous with my makeup.  Idk, the big girl M could be coming out to play here people, stay tuned.


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