Thursday, June 16, 2011

Free Bird!...Almost

Tonight I took my final for my accounting class so I can check that bad boy off as done-zo! Woo Hoo! Now all I have left is volunteering this saturday (just call me procrastination patty), then I'll be done with first session.  I am dragging my kitty daddy (aka the bf. I decided he is my kitty baby daddy...get it! This one made me chuckle real hard...he thinks I'm embarrasing...oh well) with me to do some of my volunteering, he's such a peach sometimes!

Unfortunately, the black cloud on my parade was my parking ticket I got while I was taking my final. Man, those parking services guys are ruthless.

Actually, while I'm talking about this, let me share the 2 super awkward things that happened to me within the span of 5 minutes today.

Number 1. I am walking across campus after my final texting my big sis.  I hear someone yell "Hey!" from the lawn/common grassy area.  I don't look up or respond, just minding my own beeswax.  Then they follow up with, "Hey you, cell phone person!" This I look up to, and realize these people are talking to me. ( I mean cell phone person, come on, I got a name people. The least they could have said was excuse me cell phone person, jeesh)  They proceed to ask me, "Wanna play Ultimate?" (as in frisbee...need I say more?)  Without pausing I respond with "Um, no." Maybe a little rude, but I had just been at work all day then driven all the way downtown to take an accounting final.  I really wasn't in the mood to frolic around the lawn with strangers. Call me antisocial, I don't hate it.

Number 2. Arriving at my car and realizing Mr. Rude Parking Ticket Man has just given me a ticket and is now only two cars away.  I felt like I had been caught being bad.  Maybe it's cause this is my second one in two weeks. I was just half expecting him to be like, "Um ya, you got ticketed for not having a valid parking pass, you do realize you need one to park on campus?" I was ready to respond with "What really? You would think by my senior year I would have gotten the memo. Oops, guess not. But thank you for that little $40 nugget of wisdom." Bit much? Maybe...

Anyways, hope everyone has a great night,
My lil' man. He makes me happy

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