Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What up summer?

Happy first day of summer!

I know Riz already told you guys about it, but we had a great time at the Hookah Bar for J's bday. We tried to do smoke tricks, not as successful as we had hoped.  Don't worry, we were the only people there so no one was watching us try and fail, not that that would have stopped us! No shame people, no shame. Nothing better than new experiences with my best friends/bro+sis!

So excited for the first day of summer.  I think everyone is just happier when it is sunny and warm!  It's fun to just sit outside at my mom and dad's with Lady and read a good book.  Can't wait for some more pool days...as long as Riz quits dodging me!

Summertime is when I miss where we grew up the most.  I decided the other day that I want to end up by the ocean, just like we were growing up.  The energy is just so much different by the beach.  It is definitely something I've decided I want for my future!

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 We used to make popsicles in Maine in the summer. The best.

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 Can anyone else hear the musical genuis of an ice cream truck through the walls of any building? At 21, I still sprint out of my apartment yelling at the bf to grab cash while I go save us a place in line. Once again, no shame...

Happy Summer! Cheers to sunblock, fruity drinks, and good moods!

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