Monday, June 20, 2011

How the heck are ya'?

Hello everyone!

First of all, hope all those dads out there had an amazing father's day.  And hopefully my mister had a nice kitty daddy day!

Yesterday, that fam went to see Pirates of the Carrabean: On Stranger Tides.
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We liked it, not sure why it didn't get great reviews. Plus, Johnny Depp is a dreamboat :sigh:.

My kitty daddy went to his dads house where they were having a family party.  Like the good little susie homemaker I am, I sent him off with some chocolate cupcakes with the peanut butter icing my big sis' posted about. Always a crowd pleaser.

And today is our lil' bro's 18th birthday! Holy moley, he's the last one to hit adulthood, I'm sure Cat is a little sad today.  But we're not! Riz and I are going to take him to a hookah bar tomorrow probably.  We were going to all get tattoos too but J wasn't feelin' it.

Also, I finished Goddess of Light by PC Cast.
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It was alright. Didn't rock my world or anything, but it kept me entertained. Now I'm reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, and so far it is good, haven't read too much yet.
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I have high hopes for it though, I mean its Nicholas Sparks, you can't go wrong with the man.  I am also obsessed with the cover, I want the bike, the bouquet, and the door.

Anywho, I have to run and get candy and balloons for the bday boy! TTYL

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