Monday, June 13, 2011

The Way Life Should Be

That sign is meant quite literally. Maine is the most amazing place I have ever been and I know will ever be. In terms of where I would prefer to vacation regularly and feel fulfilled being there. I know my sister has touched on Maine in an earlier post, this post however is going to be completely dedicated to it.
We grew up in MA and since we were babies have been visiting Maine. It's about a 3 1/2 hr car ride from where we used to live and our grandparents always have had a house there. It is truly an amazing place. That's why Martha Stewart and the Bush family have houses in Maine. The Obama's also vacation there.
When you go there you feel like you have never actually experienced breathing clean air before. I am always somewhat flemy (gross sorry) no matter what time of year it is. When I go to Maine, all of that goes away and I am not even kidding. The air also has a distinct fresh smell, like you can actually breathe deeper than you ever have before.
My parents and I were discussing it last night which is what brought on the idea for this post. The real estate right now in Maine is extremely cheap. There are only two problems with living in Maine 1. lack of jobs 2. very long winters. The summers however are amazing. Our Midwest friends have always been shocked when we tell them we never grew up with AC in MA. My grandparents house in ME (walking distance from a harbor) does not have AC either. It's not necessary. Their summers are like spring (most of the time) and you always need a light jacket at night.
The local people that live in Maine are also completely different than anyone I am sure my Midwest friends have met. The best way to describe them is people that give you the impression that they have worked hard their entire lives outside. They always come across as so practical and so kind, in a real way. Not the fake "kindness" that so many have perfected.
When we are in Maine we go from one outside activity to the next. Kayaking from harbor to harbor, eating clam chowder on a deck on a harbor, hiking, taking morning walks down to the harbor, and the list goes on.
M and I are going to visit our grandparents in August (hopefully). We can't wait of course. We will take tons of pictures to do it more justice. These are just pictures from the last couple of times we have gone. But the best way to experience it of course is to go see it yourself.

The more I think about it I really envy their lifestyle. Family members have always dubbed me the ditsy one who cares more about boys and clothes than anything else. However that's far from the case. I would love nothing more than to be outside all day being one with the earth and the sea. (insert sigh). Making anything and everything handmade, growing my own veg (fist pound Alys), taking long hikes, and kayaking in the sea. Now I just need my hippy romeo and we'll be all set.

Any takers?

Going once, going twice... Ya that's what I thought.


PS: What I am loving today =


(love hate relationship, you know what I mean)

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