Sunday, June 26, 2011


Laundry's done.
Room's cleaned.
Sheets are cleaned.
Lucy had a bath, nails trimmed, eyes cleaned, and got her heartguard.
I just showered.

Now what's left to do? My damn paper. Ugh. All the cleaning is actually an accomplishment considering my BFF isn't even coming in to town and it got accomplished over a span of days instead of power cleaning on a Sunday.

Well actually there is one thing left to do. I rented Blue Valentine. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm scared, my BFF told me not to watch it because I will no longer love Ryan Gosling. I don't know how that's possible but I am a little fearful. I do find the match up between him and Michelle Williams weird. I thought she was like way older than him for some reason, just looked it up, they are the exact same age. Weird. I was thinking about looking over the paper instructions while I watched the movie, that would be considered getting something accomplished, right?

FYI I suck at jump rope. I have been trying all day to accomplish this seemingly simple task. Then lil bro comes down stairs, unaware of my difficulties, picks up the jump rope and not only rocks it but does TRICKS. Figures.

You can tell how good of a workout it is. I guess next to running that's the best way to burn calories. Gotta love that, it can cut out some of my power walking time and burn more calories. I think I am going to go buy a beaded jump rope though. They're heavier, maybe I'll have better luck with those.

Well off I go. If I finish my paper, or enough of it to feel accomplished, I'll post again. I have found some really cute clothes that I'd like to share.

Check ya lata, wish me luck


PS: The Peanut M&M's won the battle. I ate so many then added them to my calorie counter (app), 250 calories!!!! Really hated life after I logged that. Probably should have checked that out before I scarfed them. I do this funny thing where I talk myself into them and at the time it seems really logical. It started with, "O! There's only 1 large bag left at Marsh, it's meant to be!" Ya I know pathetic, it gets worse. "Well they cant be that bad for you right? I mean I read last night that dark chocolate isn't bad for you, these aren't dark chocolate but I mean they're chocolate. And they have nuts in the inside. How bad can peanuts be for you?" This is even more illogical because I obviously know the only kind of chocolate you're supposed to eat is dark and that other nuts are wayyy better for you than peanuts. Never mind the sugar coated shell around them. Good god it's hopeless. Til we meet again Peanut M&M's.

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