Saturday, June 25, 2011

Home home on the range...

Tonight we visited with his familia again.  Not sure if I mentioned it before but they drove out here from New Jersey in a motor home that is nicer than my apartment.  It has a full kitchen, bathroom, washer/dryer, flat screens, and 3 zone air conditioning.  I mean come on!

So we all sat around the camp fire and watched the fire flies and roasted marshmellows to make s'mores! Yum! When I was younger I didn't like marshmellows so these were not my fave treat.  I wanted to roast my 'mellows like all my cousins though so I would roast them and my parents would eat them for me.  Just like how I don't like oreos but love the cream filling.  My big sis Riz used to let me eat the cream filling then she would eat the cookie so I didn't waste them and make Cat mad.

Sitting around a campfire made me want to go buy a tent and treck off into the wilderness for an adventure.  But then I remembered when Riz and I went to rock climbing/ white water rafting camp in Maine one summer and we had to sleep outside.  Not my fondest memory of the trip.  Especially when some weirdo kid was threatening to put frogs in my bag when we were leaving.  I may or may not have told him I would do him bodily harm if he went near my stuff.  Hey, at least it wasn't Riz he tried to pick on, she would have laid him out!  She's a scapper with a temper I tell ya!
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Tomorrow morning kitty daddy and I are going to the farmer's market. Can't wait! I've never been to our towns farmers market and I have heard its insane!

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Anyways, cheers to summer nights and s'mores!

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