Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just 2 more things (probably more knowing me)

1. Have you ever hit the thing at the top that says next blog?? DO IT! So crazy. What have I found? Most are family blogs with young kids. Who knew? Even crazier? They post full on pics of their family and kids and give full names etc. Maybe this isn't crazy to you but it is to me. I mean that's just a lot of info about you and your family to put out there on the internet for anyone to see! I mean this is coming from someone that still does not have a facebook, no matter how unpopular that may be. Also coming from a couple of sisters who choose to remain anonymous. But still I found that pretty shocking. Also the majority of them use that grass and sky background with the dandelions at the top, it is cute but also apparently very overused.

2. I can't remember... O yes! M and I reached the 25 pageview mark the other day! 25 people, we are almost celebs at this status ;)

I will be posting my current crafting project soon. Egads! Considering M and I thought this would primarily be a crafting blog it is kind of astounding that I have yet to post any crafts (40 something posts later...). However if you knew me that would not be quite as astonishing. I go in cycles with things. In all aspects of my life, food, hobbies, exercise, etc. I do one thing hard core for a while (as you can see by the reading) then I move on to the next. Whether that be knitting or whatever else. I have always hated this about myself but I am coming to realize that this is just a part of me so I need to just embrace it (thanks windy for that particular advice)!

Later gators for time number 2, hopefully you won't hear from me again today. Where is that sis of mine anyway? She said she would be posting tonight. O well, maybe her day of giving back to the community wore her out. ;) She'll have to tell you that story. It's pretty funny actually.

TTYL kayyy


PS: Just tried the reeses klondike. Not so impressed. The picture teased you by making you think there were like reeses swirled in it or something (go with it, maybe I imagined this part), well no way jose. Not only did it NOT have reeses swirled in it, but it was thinner than a regular klondike, blasphemy! And you were sooo promising reeses klondike! O well, tomorrow I will be making brownie sundays for fathers day, yum! Take that reeses klondike!

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