Thursday, June 23, 2011

Row row row your boat

So today we had an adventure! The bf, his brother, uncle, and I went on a canoeing trip.  It was only for a couple of hours but we had lots of fun.

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I woke up early and made him his oatmeal, cut up some fruit for snacks, made some sandwiches (pb for him, cheese/mustard/lettuce from my window box for me), threw it all in the cooler with some ice and water bottles and we were off.

I must admit, about 3/4 of the way through, I got the tiniest case of Oscar the Grouch's.  I can't help it people! I just got off the phone with Riz and she was telling me I have to try not to get cranky cause it brings everyone elses moods down.  But when I'm tired, hungry, my back/butt hurts (scoliosis and canoe seats were not meant to hang out for extended periods of time), and I constantly feel like my canoeing partner (aka kitty daddy) is going to capsize the canoe with how much he fidgets, I start to get just a smidge agitated.

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But, we made it and that creature in my belly named hunger was fed so Oscar went back to his trash can and the laid back M got to come out again!  Overall, we had a good time enjoying the outdoors and admiring the cool houses on the river.

There was one house with an upper and lower deck that were attached with a spiral staircase.  They also had a hammock and rope swing.  These people knew what they were doing to say the least.

I am such a recluse that after all the excitement of the past two days, I am exhausted!  So I am going to go tuck myself in for the night and recharge my anti-social batteries.
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