Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Dennis

Dennis is the nickname of our Mom's long-hair dachshund Gracie. Dennis is short for Dennis the Menace. That says it all. I just came across these baby Dennis pics and was Awwww-ing so I thought I'd share.
Is she not the cutest! That was a little over a year ago. Here's Dennis now.
What a crazy monkey. No joke she sleeps like that. She is the cutest. She has many talents. One being that she can talk. She talks to our Mom to tell her what she wants. It's hilarious. She also bobs for ice cubes. We throw a couple of ice cubes into her water bowl and she bobs for them, blowing bubbles and all and comes up with a soaked snout and wet ears. Then she proceeds to drop the cube on the ground and go in for the rest. Precious.

My Mom's want list was a little black mini dachshund girl. She came home on her first search with a brown little standard girl (although we didn't realize that minor detail until she kept getting bigger) with a black racing stripe and a mohawk. I'm not exaggerating she had a black stripe running down the back of her body and all of her hair stands on end along the back of her neck in the shape of a mohawk just like her Dad's. This is what happens when you send out my mother and the cat person (aka M) on a find a puppy hunt. I typed up strict instructions, did they bother to print the instructions, no.

O well. She has a crazy personality and we love her to death. Rather frequently I think my Mom is talking to me and I say "What Kitty?" she says "Nothing." I'm like "Didn't you just say something?" Kitty "No I was talking to Dennis." "O" Yes this happens regularly.

It's difficult to describe this canine of ours. Maybe we will post a video someday so we can do her some justice. Or just tell some stories about her antics from time to time.

Love ya Den!

Happy Summer everyone!


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