Sunday, May 29, 2011

Recovering Shop-aholic

(My closet, ya right I wish)

Well you see I used to be a bit of a spender. It is still difficult to fight these urges. I think it started when I graduated from High School early and was working full time so I had plenty of mula at my disposal. Also with a lack of anything else to do and my High School size 0 self it seemed like the perfect activity to partake in.

Once college hit along with the freshman 15 (eventhough I commute to college so I shouldn't even have technichally gained 15 lbs, so there comes my theory of college makes you gain weight no matter what, or at least thats what I'm telling myself) (unless you're my sister of course who is similar to a fine wine, gets better with age), I wasn't rolling in the dough anymore and had to cut back on the spending.

So now I just have mental lists of things that I desperately want.

Wish List:
Van's Lo-pro's
Glass Teapot
High waisted everything, shorts, jeans, skirts.
Ikea everything

Book Worm Update:
In response to my sister. I really enjoyed Three Weeks with my Brother. I unlike her did not have an issue with the beginning. I realized after reading her post today that exactly what happened with her with Stephenie Meyer happened with me with Nicholas sparks. The main male character was now Nicholas Sparks' voice in my head.

I have finished Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin. It was really good. I would highly recommend all of her books.

I am now reading The Witches Daughter by Paula Brackston. Its about a witch who is running from the evils of her past, befriends a young girl and decides to teach her what she knows.

I am working on getting us a Pinterest. I'll keep you updated!

BodyRock TV:
I have discovered this website called BodyRock.TV. It's really good. I'm going to start doing these workouts. I did my first one today. We will see how it goes.

Tirajeh Travels:
Check out my friend Tirajeh's blog called Tirajeh Travels. It's amazing.

Later Gators,


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