Friday, May 27, 2011

Well hellooo there!!

My goodness, bet you were starting to think I didn’t exist.  Riz (my nickname for R) has definitely got the jump on me as far as posting.  But that’s just the way she is, organized with all her ducks in a row, type A personality to the max.  I on the other hand cannot make my own decisions for the life of me and constantly need my big sisters input to get through my days.  (I’ll have her read this over and get her opinion before posting it, it’s a problem people!) Anyways, after my ridiculous accounting test last night (summer school is a form of cruel and unusual punishment in my opinion), I’d like to add a little sunshine into everyone’s day by introducing my two little balls of love. 

Meet B and G (short for Boy and Girl, strange I know).  They are my adopted kitties and bring me so much happiness it’s probably a little unhealthy.  B meets me at the door every day and climbs my leg until I pick him up and ask him how his day was.  (Don’t judge I know you all have conversations with your animals too!)  They both have personality for days which I find hilarious!  They also have a birth defect where they only have two toes on their front paws which makes them walk a little funny which is super cute! Anywho, after a hectic week of school and work and the Idol and Oprah finales (totally on team Lauren), B and G just make everything better.  So I figured I'd share a little bit of my sunshine and maybe they will make you feel the same way!

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