Monday, November 14, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons...

So I've been telling myself that I don't want to use our blog as a way to complain about all the little things in my life because even though it might make me feel a smidge better, it is not uplifting and I don't like the idea of spewing negativity into the world.

Having said that, I did not have a very good day today.  Work was rough, I didn't sleep well last night (causing me to not feel well today, does that happen to anyone else?), and I had homework due tonight and I didn't get out of work until way late.  So overall, not my best day.

Such a sweet girl. She curls up in my lap then rests her head on my hand while I'm on the computer. Melts my heart!

After my homework was done, I sat on the couch with B and G thinking of a way to unwind.  I thought about making some tea, but that didn't sound that great.  Then I thought maybe watching a movie or some TV would do the trick, then I said nah that's not what I want.  So anywho, I picked up my computer and started reading the archives of Ashley English's Small Measure (I read blogs like they're books, ps). And let me tell you, her life makes me green with envy.  There is nothing more that I want for my future than to live a self-sustaining life, with gardens and chickens and homemade everything!

Moving on, I decided I would try and bake a loaf of bread.  In the past, I haven't had great success with yeast (I had trouble with things rising, or not rising to be exact).  But I said ya know what, if it doesn't work, at least I did something productive to entertain myself with tonight.  So I slipped my apron on over my cat bathrobe and got to work.

And it worked people! I used the recipe on the back of the yeast packet, nothing fancy.  I kneaded out all my frustrations of my day and watched my dough rise!

Dough after it was sufficiently kneaded.

So at the end of my rough day, I came away with this! And I couldn't be prouder of myself!

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