Sunday, November 6, 2011

Etsy: Deer and Flannel

Yes that's right, deer sweater. My lovely sister is jumping on the deer bandwagon this year and wants a deer sweater. Did I mention she also wants clothing to cover her rear when she wears leggings? We try to be non-commiters of the bare-rear-with-leggings offense, but unfortunately we don't always follow through. We find it is very difficult to find clothes that properly cover our backsides when we wear our second favorite closet item (next to sweat pants of course), leggings. So here is my attempt at pleasing my sister with her deer, while also helping her out with covering her rump.

Without further ado...

What are your thoughts on these etsy finds lil sis? I think with these there's a fine line between tacky and great. Sis thinks it would be comfy and cute to wear one of these with leggings and boots in the winter. I am in total agreement. But while she is on the lookout for the perfect deer sweater, I'm on the lookout for the perfect flannel...

I picture myself in a similar situation as my sis. Cuddled up, with snow falling outside, in leggings, a cute/comfy flannel, and some big thick socks.



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