Monday, November 21, 2011

Canning & Preserving

Canning and Preserving by Ashley English will not disappoint! After reading Keeping Chickens I was hooked. The second I saw that the person who had been hoarding it finally returned it to the library, I ran out immediately and grabbed it off the shelf 10 minutes before closing. Yes her books are that good.

It provides you with the basics on how to can and gives you some great recipes to try out yourself. I love how her books are so easy to read for the beginner and are honest without being too daunting. So scamper out yourself and grab a copy!

I am really bummed because these are the only two of her books that our library has. Looks like I'll be filling out another request form to buy her others books. I wonder if they put a limit on how many requests one person can make? I would totally go out and buy them myself just to support Ashley, as I am sure I will someday but the funds are not permitting at the moment.

Now that I have finished Canning and Preserving I have moved on to a book Ashley suggests in her blog that I found at our library. The Self Sufficient-ish Bible by Andy and Dave Hamilton. I'm about halfway through but unfortunately there are other things I have to complete, ahem huge research paper due tomorrow, before finishing their wonderful book. Sigh.

Back to dreaded paper, am I done yet?


PS: T-minus 22 days till I'm a free bird

UPDATE: How can I have been working on this paper for O I don't know 17 hours now and I'm still not done?? Beats me.

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