Saturday, November 26, 2011

Banana Saturday

Let me start off by thanking Gwen Stefani for being able to spell banana with no hesitation.

Moving on... I bought some bananas at the store the other day with the intention of baking something that I can bring for breakfast in the morning as I am running out the door.

Lo and behold, I made two somethings.  First up is Baked Oatmeal off of the lovely food blog A Cozy Kitchen.  I must admit, try as I might, I can't get myself to love oatmeal.  It's the texture that gets me, just too slimy.  But oatmeal just seems like the perfect warm wholesome breakfast for when it's chilly out, so I am hoping that this oatmeal will finally be one that I like.  I haven't tried it yet though, so I will have to update you on that.  The only alterations I made to the recipe was leaving out the nutmeg cause I didn't have any, I only used 1 banana, I used steel cut oats instead of rolled (I won't pretend like I know the difference between the two), and I did not include the raspberries or almonds (I like my food plain).

I also baked some banana bread to polish off my last two bananas.  I used this recipe off of  I didn't change anything with this recipe.

And ta-da, two baked goods that I can bring with me to school or work in the morning!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, bring on Christmas!

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