Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vampire Diaries: The Hunters: Phantom

Vampire Diaries:The Hunters:Phantom was a book I was so excited about, until I read that it was being written by a ghost writer and not L.J. Smith. Which is confusing because it makes it seem like she actually wrote it, but everything I read says it was written by a ghost writer. So I was skeptical but was dying to hear how this story continued. The last book ended alluding to Damon not being dead. I was SO excited about this. Damon was my favorite character, and him dying meant that I would no longer be reading the books. Seriously. But bring Damon back into the picture? Hell ya.

I honestly couldn't tell this book was written by anyone other than Smith. The only part I was disappointed with was when Damon and Elena were reunited. I wanted it to be more dramatic I guess. It's hard to explain the plot of this book because so many have come before it. But anyway I would suggest this book to anyone who loves the Vampire Diaries!

Now I just wish I had time to read...

Tomorrow's Friday... Get excited!


PS: Apparently my shoes leak. I came home today with soaked socks and wrinkly feet. This can't be good.

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