Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The freeness awaits

Tomorrow is December! I can't believe it! So much is going to happen this month I can't even take it.

Moms bday.
My bday.

Crazy pants I tell you. Throw in there visits from friends and family. Should be a jolly time that's for sure! I can tell you that I will be a hell of alot happier once school is over. Then the fun begins.

As of today...

13 days.
4 finals.
3 classes.
2 forum postings.
1 quiz.
1 paper.
1 poster session.

...until I'm a free bird!

Today I finished research paper number 2 and tomorrow starts the last one. Which is the worst of all of course.

M and I were discussing today going to the movies solo. Thoughts? I'm thinking about going solo on December 14th as a solo celebration of my freeness. However, I have never been to a movie by myself but I think it would be kinda nice. Plus during the day the movie is more likely to be empty. Lyddy of course is against it but I think I might just do it! Hmm what else can I do on the marvelous day that will be December 14th... I hope its snowing so I have reason to cuddle up with the poochies, eat good food, watch movies, read, and do WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT.

Soon to be basking in my freeness,


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