Sunday, November 13, 2011

Q for Quilts

So what are our thoughts on quilts? I'm usually not a fan. Mostly because of the patterns that are typical "quilt" patterns. They're usually tons of colors with tons of shapes and tons of patterns. If you haven't noticed from my taste, it's pretty neutral. I like white, gray, tan, and black. And if I want color it's as an accent. That's just my steez if ya know what I mean.

Well today thanks to the lovely Pintrest I came across two quilts that I love.

Isn't this amazing? Of course it's from Anthropologie. Guess what the price tag on this baby is, $548!

How lovely is this? This is made by a lovely lady over here. She also has an etsy shop and her quilts also run around a few hundred dollars.

Now I'm not saying that these prices are unreasonable, quilting seems like it is alot of hard work so these people are totally fair with their pricing. However, I am completely capable of making my own so luckily I don't have to pay someone else for the labor cost.

So I have decided to embark upon a quilting adventure. I've always wanted to quilt but have only seen a few quilts that I actually like. These wonderful quilts will act as my inspiration! Now hopefully sometime in the future (December 14th!) I will be able to find the time and resources to do such a thing.

Ta Ta,


PS: Did you watch Once Upon a Time? Amazing. Coolest show EVER.

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