Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Forbidden Game

The Forbidden Game by L.J Smith, I'm making it through all of her books apparently. Well I am in shock right now because I hated the ending. I get it, but I still hate it. This book is about a girl who started off on a quest at the last minute to find a game for her and her friends to play at the party she was having for her boyfriend. She ended up getting a game that wasn't actually a game, it was a game in a sense but really it threw them all into the reality that the earth is not the only world there is. I won't say anymore, but I loved this/these books. There's three books within this one. I loved them until the last couple pages that is. But I was reassuring myself because I knew there were sequels... no there aren't, this was it.

So frustrated. How could you just end this way? I have similar frustration about the fact that the last Night World novel has still not been written/released. Like for reals??

Now I'm afraid to read more of her books. I feel like I'm left with a cliff hanger with no way to fix it.



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