Monday, November 7, 2011

Keeping Chickens

How cool would it be to have a couple chickens and harvest your own eggs? The answer is, so cool. Growing up our Grandma had a couple chickens (nothing like when my Dad grew up, then she had cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, horses, pigs, donkeys, and the list goes on). Our Grandma is the ultimate animal lover and the animals feel the same way about her. When we were growing up she had two Plymouth Rock chickens named Henrietta and Gertrude. Plymouth Rock being the breed, but oddly enough one of them lived out its last few years at Plymouth Plantation in MA.

So sis and I grew up around her chickens, regularly feeding, watering, and gathering their eggs. Once I settle down on my own plot somewhere, I would love to have my own little flock.

At the library today I picked up Keeping Chickens by Ashley English. This wonderful book gives you general information in regards to keeping your own flock in an easy to read and entertaining manner. She covers all necessary topics ranging from hatching your own chicks to building your own coop. She gives advice based on research in the topic and her own personal experiences and preferences. I finished this book in one sitting and would encourage anyone who is interested in keeping their own flock to pick it up!

Now I'll be passing it off to my equally interested sister...Off to find a book about keeping alpacas or sheep! Can you imagine spinning your own wool from your own animals?


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