Thursday, November 24, 2011

Made from Scratch

Made from Scratch is a wonderful book by Jenna Woginrich that documents her journey to a homemade life. This book was AMAZING. Seriously. It was hilarious first of all which I didn't expect. It was chock full of good info. without being too much plus it gave information while documenting her story. This book was suggested by Ashley English on her blog where she regularly talks about Jenna and references Jenna's blog. Jenna talks about going from her corporate job back to her rented farm tending her chickens, dogs (which she mushes!), and angora rabbits. Amazing. I'm right behind you Jenna!

On another note it's Thanksgiving. So, Happy Thanksgiving. But it just doesn't feel right. We celebrate a time when the Native Americans helped the pilgrims and taught them how to farm and survive. If the Native Americans had not done this then they all would have perished and the majority of us would not be alive today. So how did we repay them? Mass genocide. I find it ironic that we take a day out of the year to give thanks when we're celebrating one of the bloodiest and heinous parts of American history. I feel great pain for what we put Native Americans through. Being direct descendants of pilgrims, literally our family came over on the mayflower, we have the same last name and can trace our lineage straight back to them, I am not proud in any way of how we treated these people. Apart from the horror of our past, look at how many turkeys are slaughtered for this holiday? I'm just saying, it doesn't seem right.

Apart from this, I do love the thought behind everyone in America carefully considering what they are thankful for.

I am thankful for:

My Dad who has taken money out of his retirement fund to pay for my education. I will forever be grateful.
For my sister who is always there for me.
For my Lucy dog who provides me with constant comfort and love.


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