Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shades Galore

I (R) have been recruited to make shades for just about every room in the house. I'm not talkin' curtains, I'm talking shades. Roman shades, swoop shades, you name it. She (Ciz) has named 16 so far that she wants. She claims that I'm supposed to be teaching her as I go so that she will really be the one doing them but I'm already seeing how that's going. Ya see Ciz has the attention span of o I don't know, Dennis? Which means she can't stay focused on one thing for very long. I cut and sewed three roman shades today, what did Cat do? Ironed the panels. Hopefully tomorrow we'll actually get some teaching in.

Wish us luck. I always make stupid mistakes because I'm in a rush and just want to get it done (insert: sewing is tedious as hell and how did I get volunteered to do this?). My only screw up today miraculously was not cutting the lining too big. Which is the best kind of screw up because I just cut it down to size and it wasn't that big of a deal.

Till tomorrow,


PS: I'm in a jacket in my own bedroom because my room for some reason gets no heat and I'm over the garage. Which means, hot in the summer, cold in the winter. And did I mention this is the second house in which my room was over the garage? As oldest I get the first pick and conveniently I always pick the worst room. My nose is freezing and boo's ears are boo-cicles. Time to relocate.

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