Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So instead of paying down my credit card like I have been trying too, I spent a little money recently.  I am a penny pincher people, I just can't help it.  I want to be debt free and have a nice little savings account for a rainy day.  I would also like to buy a house here in the next year or so, all of this requires watching my dollars and cents like a hawk.  However, I couldn't resist.

First I picked up this gem at Bath and Body for around $15 including the oil.
How cute is he! He is an owl shaped oil warmer.  Super cool!

Then at Ikea I dropped another pretty penny, this one to the tune of about $48. But now my bed looks like this...

Ignore the wrinkles, I haven't ironed everything yet!
I bought a light comforter for $9.99, a plain white duvet with 2 shams for $25, a small pillow for $2, and the striped pillow case for like $12 I think.  So I got some good stuff that anywhere else would be really expensive for just under $50, but I still want to cry when I think about spending that much. Oh well, my bed was the last part of my apartment that wasn't "grown up" in my opinion.  And now look at it! (Gotta love G's cameo, unusual for her since B is the true camera whore of the two!)

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