Monday, October 10, 2011

Over The Weekend...

Man oh man people, if feel like all I do is talk about how busy I am, but holy moly I kinda feel like I can't breathe.  But, I did get Saturday off work for the first time in weeks which was really nice.  Kitty Daddy and I got up at our leisure and just enjoyed the day.

Kitty Daddy just finished The Green Mile by Stephen King and since I've never seen the movie we watched it over the weekend.  Um, waterworks much? The collar of my t shirt was soaked by the end of the movie, so sad.

Also this weekend we started watching some new TV shows.  First up, Terra Nova on Fox.
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We liked the first episode.  It's different, like Jurassic Park meets some kind of survival show with some action thrown in.  A keeper so far.

We also tuned into The X Factor last night after much protest on the part of Kitty Daddy.
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It's similar enough to Idol to be put into our line up but with enough differences to not be a total de ja vu situation.

And this is what I do with my already limited time instead of studying for my calculus midterm and doing my accounting homework.  Graduation cannot come soon enough!


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