Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sam's Letters to Jennifer

Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson tells the story of Jennifer who is still reeling from the loss of her husband, and finds out her beloved grandmother has gone into an unexpected coma. She rushes to be with her Grandmother and finds letters written to her by her grandmother, documenting her life that Jennifer never knew much about. She also falls hesitantly into a romance with an old friend while staying at her Grandmothers house in Wisconsin.

I was shocked to see that James Patterson is writing love stories, I mean my grandfather reads his books. But I was pleasantly surprised. I did not love his style of writing but enjoyed the story and appreciated the overall message. I'm wondering why he decided to embark on the romance novels. Trying to cash in? Who knows these days. When I fantasize about being a writer I think of an ongoing process of creativity with an end result of a labor of love. I never once have thought of the money you can make from it. Isn't that weird? Maybe it's because if I imagine the type of book I would write I would want it to touch people and be meaningful to my readers. Well that's a whole 'nother topic isn't it?

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