Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life in general

The internet is like a suction cup. It holds on realllyy hard and you can't pull away unless you pull real hard. Yep, just like a suction cup. Unfortunately this suction cup has held me hostage for an embarrassing amount of time, I don't even think I'm willing to admit it.

Ya see I never used to be an Internet person. My ex boyfriend had a fancy shmancy computer and would stay up all night sometimes just on the Internet. I never got it. I mean Lyd and I don't have facebooks so that probs has something to do with it, but I never found what was so entertaining. I mean I would look through yahoo news than be twiddling my thumbs...

Then we discovered blogs. I believe Lyd introduced me to them. And then we were inspired to start our own and it's been all uphill/downhill from there.

The only downside being it can suck a lot of your time away from you if your not careful. But I can say I always learn something. Ya weird learn something I know but for reals I always learn something.

Today I learned lots of stuff mainly because of the copious amounts of time I spent on the world wide web today. My inspiration today was from the lovely ladies over at traveling triplets. I guess it's their lifestyle that inspired me. I realized that I am in such a rush to grow up. To get a little home of my own and get a big fancy shmancy job. But today I stepped back and really looked at my life and thought about what I really want.

Is a fancy job and a cute decor really going to make me happy at the end of the day? I don't think so. I'll work 9-5 wearing fancy outfits then come home and sit in my fancy house and ... Exactly nothing. One big thing that I learned from moving out to the Midwest with my family is that money does not buy you happiness. Lesson learned my friends.

So then the question remains, what will make me happy? Once I get a grip on that question another question arises, how will I find it? Some of my best memories include those nights spent on the beach in sweatshirts and shorts. Eating sandwich's while the sun goes down and digging our feet into the sand. Surrounded by my parents and my siblings. It's the people you're with and the environment you're in. A fancy office, some heels, and a cute couch are not going to fill me up inside.

I guess as my boss/friend once told me, once I graduate the world is my oyster. Now what to do with that oyster...


PS: And of course we can't forget this all important gal...

Because every decision I make includes this little 4 lb bundle of love.

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