Thursday, October 6, 2011

I can smell freedom!

So earlier I did an etsy post. Cool stuff huh?? I love etsy, and the best thing about it is supporting other crafters and creators! I was posting and etsy shopping while at school this morning... For some reason I feel like I need to hang my head when I say that. When I'm at school I feel like I'm not allowed to do enjoyable things and that I just have to take advantage of the time for school-y things. Not so fun. Etsy won out this morning as you can see.

It's been a productive week for M and I. We actually made it to most all of our classes and I went to work most all week. There's still tomorrow I guess but I'll trudge through. We're actually feeling on our game though, unlike the last 2 weeks. I'm telling ya, there's a reason why the graduation stats are so low. Everyone is so burnt out at this point. It's just a struggle to do everything on time, well, and get to class. Once again, I will be so happy come December! I think I need to start a countdown... Gosh it doesn't even seem real, too good to be true almost. I may just cry. It'll happen.

Lots of conversations over here about the near future plans. The scary thing, nobody has any clue. Live here, live elsewhere, move out, stay, go to school, don't go to school. Every one of us is struggling with life changing decisions coming up next year! So exciting and so scary. J and I were just discussing how amazing it would be to just live on our own and not have to follow our moms crazy anal rules. Sucks for J though because we all know he will still be subject to her nagging even when he doesn't live here anymore. She says she feels regular anxiety even thinking of him living on his own. She thinks she is the only reason he doesn't live in "filth." So funny, poor J. She smothers the crap out of him. She nags me but nothing even close to my brother.

I can see it now, "J, when's the last time you cleaned your sheets?" "J, when's the last time you did laundry?" "Have you cleaned your pants?" "Did you eat dinner?" And the list goes on... Except in the future it will be via phone call and visit. He may need to get a padlock.

I am so happy to move out. That will be the second best day of my life, besides my last school day of course. I can smell the feedom!


PS: Did I mention that the 16th is midterm?? Boo ya!

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