Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! & Once Upon a Time

Happy Halloween!

Yes that's my poor baby as a rooster! Tonight will be filled with candy giving and eating, my favorite.

So on a totally different subject, has anyone seen Once Upon a Time yet??

If you haven't you have to get on it. It's amazing. No joke. So different than anything else I have seen. Here's the story. All of the fairy tale characters live in an enchanted forest. The main characters are Snow White and Prince Charming. The Evil Queen ends up putting a curse on everyone that freezes them in space and time. That space and time happens to be Storybooke, ME. Before this happened, Snow White found out from Rumpelstiltskin that the only way to save everyone would be to get her child out of the enchanted forest and that she would come back when she was 28 and break the curse. The problem is, once they are all transported to ME they had no idea who they were and time doesn't move. O ya and evil queen is the major. Well, evil queen adopted a kid, who happens to be Emma's (Snow White's daughter) son that she gave up for adoption. Snow White unknowingly gave Henry (Emma's son, Snow White's grandson) a book called Once Upon a Time that actually told the story of what happened. He figures it out, tracks down Emma and tries to convince her to stay and fix the curse.

Isn't that amaz?!? We're psyched. M, my BFF, and I curled up with some chili and roasted pumpkin seeds last night and tuned in. Can't wait till next week!


PS: These don't fit. :(

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