Friday, December 16, 2011


The time has finally come. Put away the backpack for good. No more tests, no more papers, no more drives downtown, no more trekking around school in the freezing cold. No more crabby teachers or shitty group projects. No more scheduling for classes, no more buying books.

I am free! Officially a college graduate. The day has finally come. It still doesn't feel like it but I'm sure it will one of these days. It was a struggle to get here I tell ya. This college business is stressful and not a good time. But I made it through 4 1/2 yrs of it with a degree and a pretty high GPA. I'm thankful I did it because I can't imagine not going straight from high school then going back later. At least for me anyway. I'm not a school lover. I was more motivated in college than I was in high school but you kinda have to be. College does make you realize your full bullshitting potential though. Not my proudest moments, just ask Lyd.

Let's reminisce... Lyd and I took a summer class and we had a paper where we had to write about a philosopher of our choosing. For some reason I just wasn't feeling this paper so I completely bullshit my way through it. Probably my least favorite moment of my college experience. Lyd on the other hand took it seriously and stayed up and worked hard on it. I ended up getting a better grade. That frosted her cookies.

So there have been the low times and the high times. Looking back I realize that I love our school and that this was just one of the stepping stones of my life. Off to the next adventure. Wish me luck.


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